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A custom piece made just 4U


A 1/1 design based off current print, freehand embroidery, cutting and sewing. You pick the piece and I’ll give it the YEAR2000®️ Treatment. We will have to chat about what you want the piece to look like so please DM me (@year.2000) with your order number so we can collaborate on the piece. I am able to add custom requested vector images, fabric patches or vinyl lettering within reason. Free Worldwide Shipping 🗺  with 1-3 weeks delivery.

**Please note some prints may not be available if the screen is not in production anymore. **

Choose a Vintage distressed or new garment similar to what we normally produce: Hoodies, Longsleeve Jersey, Deadstock Track Pants, Denim, Sweatpants, Dickies, Hat+Tee Combos, Overcoats, Leather Jackets, Windbreakers, Rugby Tops, and anything you can dream of 💭